We get funding from a wide range of sources including charitable trusts, central and local
government agencies, and individuals. Much of this funding is in the form of one-off grants for
specific projects.

In 2017 donations and grants allowed us to:

  • Answer 1500 phone calls from women in distress affected by abuse and trauma
  • Train 20 specialist volunteers in high intensity supportive listening skills
  • Offer 2500 hours of direct support to women at immediate risk of serious self-injury and suicide
  • And even more

We are always trying to secure longer-term funding and welcome support from both organisations and individuals. This will help us to continue our work, expand
our services and respond effectively to the increasing need for crisis support in the community.

Find out more about how to support us here.

We are very grateful to all of the funders who support our work including:

Anton Jurgens Foundation

Porta Pia 2012 Trust

Helianthus Charitable Trust

Pixiella Trust

Hobson Charity

Austin and Hope Pilkington Trust

Magdalene Trust

The Leathersellers Foundation

The Clothworkers Foundation

Transform Foundation

Quartet Community Foundation

UFI Trust

The Harapan Trust

The Souter Foundation

Rosa Trust

Ashworth Trust

Chapman Trust

Gauntlet Trust

Cotton Trust

Allen Lane Foundation

The Albert Hunt Trust

Tudor Trust

Masonic Charitable Foundation

Bristol University Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society

Bracks Bath

Bristol Rotary Club

Denman Family Charitable Trust

Dame Violet Wills Trust

Comic Relief